about me

Louis Hothothot,

artist, curator, art critical reviewer, designer, base in Amsterdam

Louis Hothothot (Yi Liu) is young film and video artist who won prize 3 Package Deal Young Talent 2018-2019 in Holland.
Louis Hothothot research focuses on film narrative and cinematic language. His cinematic language research combines video art, animation, storytelling, graphic design and performance. His subjects are about “identity and politics”, “expanding cinema”. His research is financially supported by Netherland Film Fonds and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.
Louis Hothothot was born in China in 1986. He studied graphic design, video art, and animation at the China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing from 2004 to 2008. He enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts program at the Dutch Art Institute in 2012 and graduated in 2014. Between 2015 and 2017, Louis Hothothot studied at the Netherlands Film Academy in the Master of Film program.
 Louis Hothothot regularly shows his works in museums, galleries, and theaters, such as Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam, Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, Dansmakers, International Dance Film Festival Brussels, and so on.


2015 – 2017     MA in the Netherlands Film Academy, Amsterdam, NL
2012 – 2014     Studied in Dutch Art Institute, MFA ArtEZ, NL
2004 – 2008     Studied in China Central Academy of Fine Arts, CN


Yi-Pai Hutong residency in Beijing, CN, 2018
Open SPAM!, Porcari, IT, 2016
Residency in New World Academy, BAK, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2014
Cao Changdi documentary training camping, Beijing, China, 2007

Grants, Subsidies, Bursaries, Prizes(selected):

3Package Deal Young Talents in Amsterdam 2018-2019
Netherland Film Fonds 2018
AHK Prize 2017 (Nomination)
Schuurman Schimmel-van Outeren Foundation Grant (2016)
Stichting Educatie en Cultuur Scholarship (2016)
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (2015)
ArtEZ Scholarship (2014)
Schuurman Schimmel-van Outeren Foundation Grant (2013)
The 2rd Award of Outstanding graduated works of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 (2008)

Curated Exhibitions(selected):

2015   Curating exhibition of “Urgent Care Of Identity”, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2008   Curated exhibition of “Defocusing – The Joint Exhibition of Modern Leading-edging Artists” Bridge Art Centre, Beijing, China

Exhibition & Presentation(selected):

“The 4th Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale”, Shenzhen, CN, 2018-2019
“Casting a Shadow Wherever We Stand” group exhibition in Goleb, Amsterdam, NL, 2018-2019
Goleb openstudio group exhibition, Amsterdam, NL, 2018
“Neo Generation, cross culture filmmakers” Lang Yuan Vintage, Beijing, CN, 2018
“Local Exoticism” presentation in AOTU space, Beijing, CN, 2018
“Portrait, Rearchived: Dawood Hilmandi & Louis Hothothot”, GLLRY ZOH, Amsterdam, NL, 2018
“Keep An Eye, Artistic Research in Cinema”, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL, 2017
“Co-porating”, a presentation in BOOKSTORE, Amsterdam, NL, 2017
“Crossing”, a presentation in CAFA, CN, 2017
“A Dancing Archive” performance in OOSTBLOK theater, Amsterdam, NL, 2016
International Dance Film Festival Brussels, 2016
Openstudio in Goleb, Amsterdam, NL, 2016
“Archive As A Place To Play”, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL, 2016
Cinedans, Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam, NL, 2016
Seattle international video dance festival, Seattle, US, 2015
Presentation within the Workshop “How Language Moves” in Goleb, Amsterdam, NL, 2015
Summer Break Party exhibition at OT301 in 4Bid gallery, NL, 2015
Festival internacional de video & dança, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2015
“Urgent Care Of Identity”, A-LAB Amsterdam, NL, 2015
Presentation in M4gastatelier, Amsterdam, NL, 2015
5th Athens Video Dance Project GR, Athens, GR, 2015
Nam Visual Art.net oneline exhibition project, 2015
“Lows and Highs”, 4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam, NL, 2014
“Moving future”, Dansmakers, Amsterdam, NL, 2014
“Using the Museum” exhibition in Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, NL, 2014
“To make a work” exhibition, Upominki, Rotterdam, NL, 2014
Laban Centre, London, UK, 2014
“The Age of Houshayu” exhibition in Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, CN, 2014
Lecture presentation at DAI, master program in Artez, Arnhem, NL, 2014

Publication, Essays & Art Critics (selected):

“Twelve Moments”, Lecturis publisher, 2018
“Twelve Moments” in magazine “Art World”, November, VOL324, 2017
“The Native Design Language” in magazine “Art and Design”, 08, 2017
“I Am A Flower, You Are A Worm” in magazine “Art and Design”, 01, 2017
“The Pain Of others, The Refugee Crisis In Ai Weiwei’s Phone” in magazine “Art and Design”, 01, 2017
“The Death Of Identity” in magazine “Art World”, May, VOL307, 2016
“Contemporary Collage Art” in magazine “Art and Design”, VOL195, 2016
“Identity, Communities, Compatriots: The Art of Marlene Dumas” in ART CHINA, 2014